Confuse people with your face Philosophy:

Have you heard of philosophy before?

I can guess yes, because it is a subject of art and it uses many things. It has a very large area which I cannot fully describe here. But mainly we can say what a person sees, then what he thinks, and what he analyzes with his vision, this is called philosophy. I am not a philosopher, but I know a little bit about it.

And it is used in our personal lives also.

As you can see the title of the blog, you can guess what I want to tell you.
If you know a little philosophy, then you can gain a lot of success in your life.
So today, you should implement it.

“From an example a person looks very quiet, silent but the next moment he suddenly shouts. Or we can take an example of our president “Naredra Das Modi” and his co-partner “Amit shah”. No one knows what will be their next move for us we only can see his smiles or silence on his faces. That’s called the face philosophy. So here we can see that we are entangled in his facial expressions.”

You can apply the same logic as you like, and you can make the people for yourself, but that confusion should be in your interest.

You must have seen that successful people are just people who keep smile and silence on their face and we cannot guess what they are going to do next. And you know suddenly they will surprise everyone by making a powerful move in the entire business industry. So confuse the people with your face and let them confuse with your personality, and suddenly give them a surprise.

Because the world make a joke of your sad face and failure and celebrate your success and happy face.







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