Save Life, Donate Blood…..

“As we know abou55420 people are facing blood related problems at this time. And in a survey we can see that more than 45000 people in India need blood donation every day.

And on the other hand we can regularly see accidents, cancer problems, and any other disease human needs blood in many ways. And the blood banks are empty.

Because no one wants to donate blood. Another reason is that people have no idea about blood donation. Yet they think that blood donation can harm their body or they create many other reasons for it.

And this happens mainly in rural areas. So my blog is mostly for individuals who have this type of fear or any other religion issue.
The only way to get blood to save people’s lives is from donors like us.

And if we save someone’s life by donating a small part of our body, then there is no greater virtue than this. And the way in which the people of India also associate this matter with customs and customs, then this donation is also virtuous for them.




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