Listening is An Art

“We all know the importance of effective communication, the way to present yourself, your communication is something that integrates you into the world and there is no need to state the importance of communication”.

The Internet is full of different ways about effective communication.
To have better and effective communication, you must keep in mind that you need to listen before you speak.

Weird but yes it is….. People like to share their thoughts, experiences, advice etc. and they really want your attention on it. So for better communication you should first listen to their thoughts, which they are trying to explain. And then you should have your thoughts, make a simple attempt to relate your thoughts with their words.

The more you listen to them with all your curiosities, the more they manifest. And here you have a chance to learn more about the person you are communicating with. They are liking, disliking etc …… Also keep trying to make them comfortable to talk, take a break in your words, and let them speak their thoughts. Keep it simple and present yourself with full confidence but listen first.





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