Friendship A Human Need ….who are our best friends…?

Friendship is a beautiful bond on earth.”

And it is also a basic requirement of human. Everyone knows this basic thing but it is very difficult at this time to choose a friend circle. And it is also difficult to get lifetime friendship of many difficult good friends from the difficulty they have to choose.

I am not talking about childhood friends, because we know them at every stage of our childhood.

I am talking about colleagues, office and travel buddies with whom we share everything without knowing them personally. We met him at any meeting, or knew him from 1 month of colleges or we shared his journey with him. It is not enough for friendship.

Then shouldn’t we just make friends?
No friends should also be there because after family a person shares his failure, success and top secret with his friends.

Since our family cannot stay with us for 24 hours, there are friends who take care of us from being with us like our family.
But some precautions should also be taken in the choice of friends –

For example –

  • Choose those persons as your friend whom you know personally.
  • Who motivate you every stage of your life and support you in your bad time.
  • You laugh with you in your good time and encourage completing your dreams.
  • Who fights for your rights not fight with you with others rights
  • Who can explain you about your wrong and right decision






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