Fun with casual look

Remove the official dress code and take the casual look, the best feeling in the world. As like someone freed us from the net.

Yes I love the formal uniform but can you wear the formal 24/7, and regularly the whole week?
Of course not! No one can wear the formal all time.

Don’t take it laugh, but after wear the tie its feel like that someone trapped you in the rope. And you can’t breathe properly.

So today I decided to wear the casual for the comfort of my body and my mind. And here you can see my look in the casual. And also can see my smile with the comfort zone.

Do you know one top secret about the casual; a man looks more handsome sometime in casual dress code? And with it looks so attractive also.

Really its truth, I am not joking.

Don’t listen me, but just for one day wear the casual and leave the formal and then see yourself in the mirror, I can guess you will love your look. I am 99% sure with it.
And the other reason is that, you will feel yourself more comfit in that code.




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