About Us

Siddharth was born on May 11, 1992 in the Maharia family as a son of Mr. Nand Kishore Maharia.

The Maharia’s are very popular in Shekhawati belt, they have been representing various constituencies of Sikar District in the legislative assembly since 1952. Different members of Maharia family have been elected 8 times as MLAs and 3 times as MPs. One member of this family has also served as a Cabinet Minister three times in the Government of Rajasthan and another member has served as the Minister of State in the Central Government as well.

Siddharth Maharia is a very sharp entrepreneur and a very kind person. The family has always been in the business line one or the other way hence, Siddharth has proven to be a very successful businessman as well.

During the school and college days Siddharth has achieved many medals in various sports which include Pistol shooting, Hockey and Football. Siddharth has represented India in pistol shooting twice and still practices the sport as his hobby. Siddharth alongside the business and politics keeps his social work a top priority . Siddharth Maharia is the director of the Maharia Foundation Group.