“Do you know that a sun burns itself but it burns everyone but we are not able to tolerate its temperature but as it is evening we start to gaze at that sun with our naked eyes and at that time it’s Want to be imprisoned in the eyes?”

In this hectic and hectic schedule, everyone is experiencing anxiety, depression and mind problems, pressure and health problems every day.
Pressure of work load, pressure of responsibilities for family or business hurts mental ability of a person.

Why so?
The sun is the same, but during the day we don’t even want to see it and in the evening we want to decorate the same cold sun in our life.

In the same way, when a person starts illuminating others, he also starts burning, but if he keeps himself cool even after that evening sun, he does not burn his body nor only those People for whom a human being burns himself.

“This smile has come to my face after seeing so many sunsets.”

And this is the smile that I have to live. In the same way that the sun gives so much light and coolness for a short period of time despite being such a fireball, why can’t we give so much energy so pleasing and enchanting to everyone’s heart, and directly to the soul. …..?






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